Top Mistakes to avoid in NEET Exam

Wed Apr 24 2024


The NEET exam is a big deal for students dreaming of becoming doctors or dentists in India. It’s the test you need to pass to get into medical or dental college for your bachelor’s degree. Every year, about 2 million students try to get into India’s best medical colleges through an entrance exam. But only a handful actually make it.

Does that mean the others aren’t good enough? Not necessarily. Many things besides knowing the subjects well can affect your chances of passing. To do well, it’s important to avoid common mistakes that could slow down your preparation and performance in the exam. We at Prodigy Educlasses help you to avoid these mistakes when you enroll for NEET Exam Preparation in NARENDRAPUR.

1.  Avoiding NCERT Books

Not using the NCERT book can be a big mistake. Sometimes, in the fear of missing out, students try to gather a lot of information from many books, which might not all be necessary. Stick to the NCERT book as your main source. NCERT should be your primary guide. Around 75-80% of the questions in the exam are based on the NCERT syllabus for classes 11 and 12. So, make sure you’re thorough with it.

2.  Prioritizing One Subject

NEET mainly caters to Biology enthusiasts, but Physics and Chemistry are unavoidable parts of the exam. Some students may prefer Biology and neglect Physics and Chemistry, hoping to excel by mastering just one subject. However, it’s crucial to avoid this approach. It’s essential to give equal attention to all sections since they hold equal importance in determining your success in NEET.

3.  Inadequate Time Management

Effective time management is crucial for clearing any entrance exam, including the NEET UG exam, with minimal effort. Failure to manage time properly can result in unfavorable outcomes, such as being unable to clear the medical exam. Allocating more time to focus on challenging subjects and topics enhances your chances of obtaining good scores in the exam.

4.  Last Minute Revision

To avoid leaving your revision for the last minute, stop procrastinating. Many students fall into this trap by prioritizing completing the syllabus over regular revision. Instead, prioritize proper and frequent revision. This approach helps resolve doubts, strengthen concepts, and enhance long-term retention of information.

5.  Ignoring Mock Tests

Mock tests are essential for every NEET aspirant. They offer a clear understanding of the exam format and prepare students for the real thing. It’s crucial for NEET aspirants to take multiple mock tests to enhance their confidence and speed.  Prodigy Educlasses provide ample amount of mock tests for NEET aspirants. You can join our coaching classes to prepare for your NEET Exam Preparation in NARENDRAPUR.

6.  Enrolling to Good Coaching Centres

NEET exam is not anything to be taken lightly. It is a crucial test on which your future depends. So enrolling to good neet coaching classes in Kolkata becomes essential. If you stay in and around South Kolkata, you can easily enroll in our coaching centers. Prodigy Educlasses, the best institute for neet creates success. We have a team of expert tutors who will always be there to guide you. They are there to clear your doubts and walk you through NCERT books. Prodigy Educlasses take adequate amount of practice tests and mock tests to make the NEET aspirants ready. There are many neet repeater in Narendrapur who prefers to enroll in Prodigy Educlasses.

7.  Not Analyzing Test Papers

Allocate specific hours in your timetable for practicing previous years’ question papers. This helps you evaluate your skills, identify weak points, and track your overall progress. Keeping a timer on while solving these papers helps you measure the time taken and work on improving your speed and accuracy.

8.  Not Understanding The Basics Properly

Having a solid grasp of the basics is essential as it forms the foundation upon which all concepts are built. With a strong understanding of basic theories and concepts, you’ll find it easier to grasp complex theories and formulas. At Prodigy Educlasses, team of expert teachers will work on this in particular. They will clear all your doubts and help you build up a strong foundation on the basics.

9.  No Time Schedule

Avoiding silly mistakes in NEET starts with creating a practical and strategic timetable. This schedule will help you manage your syllabus effectively, ensuring you give equal attention to each subject.  However, with a timetable in place, you can efficiently focus on your goals and stay on track with your studies.

10. Using Too Many Study Materials

Avoiding insignificant information is crucial when preparing for the NEET Exam Preparation in NARENDRAPUR. Consulting various sources can lead to ambiguity and confusion, ultimately resulting in lower marks. Stick to relevant study materials to streamline your preparation and improve your chances of success in the exam.


Location of Centres

Prodigy Educlasses is always there for you to help and guide you to walk this journey of NEET Exam Preparation in NARENDRAPUR with you. They offer neet coaching classes in Kolkata and around. You will get to enroll in these areas –

  1. Narendrapur
  2. Sonarpur
  3. Rajpur
  4. Baruipur
  5. Mahamayatala
  6. Garia
  7. Garia Station
  8. Naktala
  9. Bansdroni
  10. Tollygunge


Avoiding these common mistakes during NEET preparation is crucial for success. Qualifying for the NEET exam is essential to meet the eligibility criteria for NEET PG courses. With limited time left before the exam, students can enhance their preparation by addressing these mistakes. Prodigy Educlasses can surely help you to get good marks in NEET. So you can enroll in any of their centers in the given locations. Best of luck to all candidates!

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