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About Prodigy Educlasses

Prodigy Educlasses, founded by passionate Ramakrishna Mission alumni, is a beacon of distinguished education, dedicated to offering students a holistic and practical learning experience that transcends traditional theory-based methods. Our institution is proud to house a team of exceptionally experienced, dynamic, and devoted faculty members renowned for their industry expertise, unwavering patience, and steadfast commitment to nurturing student growth.

Our management team is driven by an unwavering dedication to resolving even the smallest student concerns. Over the years, Prodigy Educlasses has consistently produced outstanding achievers in NEET, JEE, WBJEE, Olympiad, NTSE, and Board exams, a testament to the exceptional quality of education we provide.

Our comprehensive courses commence at the foundational level in class VII, enabling students to build their skills from the ground up. We also offer rigorous Board exam preparation spanning classes VII to XII. Join us to fuel your competitive exam aspirations with expert guidance and unwavering support.

We are on a mission to transform the coaching system in West Bengal and elevate the success rate in national and international competitive exams. Many students seek education beyond West Bengal’s borders for coaching, and we are committed to providing a superior, result-oriented, and success-driven education system. Our goal is to empower students not only for competitive exams but also for life, equipping them with additional value-added skills.

Looking ahead, our ambitious aim is to establish an ethical, value-centric, and results-driven CBSE school in Narendrapur. This dream project is designed to serve students from West Bengal and neighboring states, offering both residential and day boarding facilities. We envision realizing this dream by 2030.

Join Prodigy Educlasses on our journey to excellence in education and holistic student development. Together, we shape brighter futures.


Core values

The core values are a set of principles that are aligned with the institute to guide the practice of development of curriculum, faculty, students and staff are:


We strive to uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior in all our interactions with our students, parents, faculty members, and stakeholders.


We value honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior in all our interactions with our students, parents, and stakeholders.

Student Services

At Prodigy Educlasses, we are committed to providing exceptional student service to our students


To ensure the quality of our education, we have established rigorous standards and procedures for curriculum development, course delivery, faculty training, and assessment

Why Prodigy Educlassses

Providing Top-Quality Teaching and Learning: Backed by Past Success and Student Satisfaction.

Excellent Teaching
Awesome Examination
Best Mentors
Where You Won't Be Left Behind

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Our Journey

Our Journey is Endless, Yet We Share Every Milestone.

  • 2017

    We Began Virtually in Our Founder's Imagination

  • 2020

    Serving Over 200 Students, Without Charging a Fee

  • 2021

    Facing Struggles, Gaining Wisdom: A Year of Learning

  • 2022

    Producing AIR 26 in Medical, Alongside 40+ More Impressive Ranks

  • 2023

    Achieving Milestones: 70+ Ranks, 600+ Active Students, and South Kolkata's Most Loved Institute

  • Next

    Introducing 11-12 Residential School Programme: Your Bengal's Most Loved and Affordable Offline Institute Awaits!

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