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Prodigy Educlasses offers hostel facilities for Class 11-12 students in our two-year integrated residential school program and 12th pass-out students in our repeaters course. We provide safe and secure hostels for both boys and girls with 24/7 warden supervision. Our facilities include hygienic and nutritious food, experienced mentors, access to doctors, and a peaceful, ragging-free environment conducive to well-being.

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According to our students' reviews, it feels like their second home

Best Facility Ever

According to our students' reviews, it feels like their second home

Under CCTV
Warden 24x7
Healthy Food
Doctor On Call

Frequently Asked Questions

A. We offer 2-sharing, 3-sharing and 4-sharing room options in our hostel.

A. Yes, we do.

A. We provide furnish cots, bookshelves, and tables as essential amenities. Additionally, our services include daily room and washroom cleaning. We also organize recreational activities for your refreshment.

A. Yes, you can request for specific room/roommates.

A. Our hostel fee is 7000 RS per month, covering hostel accommodation, meals, safety measures, and a conducive study environment. We also provide separate study rooms and access to a library for our students.


Sandip Biswas 1 Year Neet Residential Programme

The hostel at my institute provides an excellent living environment for NEET UG preparation. The facilities are top-notch, ensuring a comfortable and focused atmosphere. The well-maintained rooms, conducive study spaces, and supportive staff contribute to a positive and enriching experience.

Abida Sultana 2 Year Neet Residential Programme

The hostel, from a girls’ perspective, is a nurturing haven. The well-maintained rooms and secure environment offer a sense of comfort. The approachable wardens, delicious meals, and recreational activities create a supportive atmosphere, making the hostel a home away from home.

Sudipta Gayen 1 Year Neet Residential Programme

The hostel not only provides a conducive environment for academic pursuits but also promotes a lively atmosphere. Watching cricket and football tournaments together fosters camaraderie and adds excitement to hostel life. Celebrating festive sessions organized by the institute uplifts spirits, offering a welcome break from routine and serving as a source of motivation for students.

Bandita Malo 2 Year Neet Residential Programme

The hostel’s vibrant atmosphere includes recreational facilities that alleviate monotony. Engaging in games fosters a lively environment, providing a refreshing break from studies. This not only enhances the overall experience but also contributes to a well-rounded and enjoyable hostel life.

Mayank Bhagat 1 Year Residential Programme

The hostel experience goes beyond amenities. Regular housekeeping ensures cleanliness, fostering a healthy environment. Social spaces encourage camaraderie among students, fostering a sense of community. Access to recreational facilities provides a much-needed break, promoting a balanced lifestyle. The hostel’s support staff, always ready to assist, adds a personalized touch to the overall hostel life, making it a home away from home.

Anisha Gupta 1 Year Residential Programme

The hostel’s residential facilities are commendable. The well-maintained rooms offer a comfortable living space. The study areas are conducive to focused learning. Additionally, the delicious and varied meals cater to different dietary preferences. Security measures provide a safe environment. Overall, the hostel enhances the living experience, creating a positive and secure atmosphere for residents.

Faruk Sk. 1 Year Neet Residential Programme

Moreover, the wardens play a pivotal role in making the hostel feel like a second home. Their caring and approachable demeanor create a familial atmosphere, alleviating the challenges of staying away from parents. This emotional support makes the hostel not just a place of study but a comforting refuge for students during their academic journey.

Mahasweta Kar 1 Year Residential Programme

The hostel here is great for NEET UG prep. Rooms are good, and there are quiet places to study. The food is awesome – they make sure it’s healthy and tasty. It helps a lot during long study hours. Overall, it’s a nice place to stay.

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