Which Institutes Offer the Best Programs for Classes 7 to 10?

Mon Apr 8 2024


Coaching centers are helping millions of students worldwide today. With so many options available, students search for the most reliable source for guidance. Classes 7 to 10 are the most important phases in a student’s life. It includes middle school and high school. Here students are introduced to a lot of new information that they need to retain for a long time. Here these students are tested for their learning and absorbing skills of knowledge. Here the ultimate test is carried out by the boards. The Class 10 board exam is the first stepping stone in this world of higher education.


To help students score well in their examinations and prepare better for competitive exams, tuition for class 7 to 10 becomes mandatory.

The coaching centers have come up with some of the best programs in and around Kolkata. Here is the list of top 5 coaching institutes in Kolkata.


Top 5 Coaching Institutes For Classes 7 to 10


1. Aakash Institute :

Aakash Institute is renowned for its comprehensive curriculum and experienced faculty. They offer structured courses designed to cover the syllabus for classes 7 to 10 effectively while also focusing on competitive exams like NTSE, KVPY, and Olympiads. With a track record of producing top performers, Aakash Institute stands out as a reliable choice of tuition for class 7 to 10 for students aiming for excellence. It is considered to be in the top 10 coaching institute in Kolkata.


2. Prodigy Educlasses :

Prodigy Educlasses, established by a passionate team of Ramakrishna Mission graduates, is a standout educational center focused on providing students with a well-rounded and hands-on learning experience that goes beyond just studying from books. Our institution is proud to have a group of highly skilled, energetic, and dedicated teachers, known for their deep knowledge of their fields and their commitment to helping students thrive. Prodigy Educlasses believe in ethics, integrity, quality and dedicated student service. Prodigy Educlasses is the best coaching for class 7 to 10 in Narendrapur.

We begin our detailed courses right from the basics in Class VII, ensuring that students can strengthen their skills right from the start. We also provide thorough preparation for board exams from Class VII to XII. You can join Prodigy Educlasses to fuel your ambitions for competitive exams with expert guidance and consistent support. They have popular class programs for 7 to 10 for Maths, Science, and English for both CBSE and ICSE Boards. They offer foundation courses for classes 7 to 10 to prepare for Olympiad, NTSE, NEETa, and JEE. Prodigy Educlasses is the best coaching for class 7 to 10 in Narendrapur.

There are more than 2000 students and more than 30 expert faculties in the Prodigy Educlasses which is the best coaching for class 7 to 10 in Narendrapur. More than 300 students taking tuition for class 7 to 10 hold ranks. They have a special program for students that gives an opportunity to get Rs.1.5 Cr. worth a scholarship for higher studies here. P.O.S.E. – Prodigy Opportunity Scholarship Examination – is a special type of campaign through which students of Classes 7 to 10 can participate for rewards and scholarships. Prodigy Educlasses not only is a reliable good coaching center, it also mentors Boards, JEE, NEET, WBJEE, NTSE, and Olympiads. This is what makes this institute unique, exclusive, and worth investing money in for better grades, guidance, and opportunities for students of Classes 7 to 10. They take 12 exams yearly per subject.

The facility provides students with an enriched learning environment giving a positive ambiance, a well-stocked library, career counseling, and a hostel. To join, you have to go to their website and fill up a form with your details. You need to upload your image too. You will get a call or a confirmation email and a call afterward. The admission process is not a complicated one at all. You can sit for their PIST – Podigy Individual Scholarship Test which is another way for admission there for tuition for class 7 to 10. You can visit their center for direct admission. They do have a refund policy. They offer classes only offline. That is why Prodigy Educlasses makes it to the list of top 10 coaching institute in Kolkata. It is also the best coaching for class 7 to 10 in Narendrapur.



FIITJEE is known for its rigorous academic programs and personalized attention to students. Their integrated school programs seamlessly blend board exam preparation with competitive exam coaching. With state-of-the-art facilities and expert faculty members, FIITJEE ensures that students receive the guidance they need to succeed. Students get reliable tuition for class 7 to 10 here.


4. Pathfinder :

Pathfinder offers holistic coaching programs that cater to the academic and personal development of students. Their experienced faculty members provide individual attention to each student, ensuring that no one is left behind. Pathfinder’s integrated approach to learning equips students with the skills and confidence to excel in both academics and life. You can opt for tuition for class 7 to 10 here.


5. Vidyamandir Classes :

Vidyamandir Classes offers specialized coaching programs for Classes 7 to 10. They focus on building a strong foundation in mathematics and science. Their innovative teaching methods and regular assessments help students stay ahead of the curve. Vidyamandir Classes has a proven track record of producing top rankers in various competitive exams. This is what made it a popular choice among students for tuition for class 7 to 10.


Finding the perfect tuition can boost your child’s grades. These coaching centres for classes 7 to 10 in and around Kolkata, provide excellent programs. Experienced teachers, thorough lessons, and a history of success will put your child on the path to academic achievement.

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