Prodigy Educlasses Guide to the 2025 Semester System for Higher Secondary Education in West Bengal

Tue May 21 2024

The West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education (WBCHSE) has officially introduced a Semester System for class 11. This starts from the ongoing academic session of 2024-25. Furthermore, this system will be extended to class 12. This will commence from the academic session of 2025-26, across all state-run and state-aided schools affiliated by the Board of Higher Secondary Education in West Bengal.

In a notice issued on April 18, WBCHSE President Chiranjib Bhattacharya outlined the implementation of a Semester System by the council. The notice specifies that board examinations will be conducted upon the completion of semesters 3 and 4. The notice that is addressed to all school heads and teachers, provides guidance on the new system.

According to the notice, the new system in Higher Secondary Education in West Bengal will segment the entire higher secondary or 10+2 education into four distinct parts:

  • semester 1,
  • semester 2,
  • semester 3, and
  • semester 4.


Class 11 will be divided into semester 1 and 2, while class 12 will be restructured as semester 3 and 4, beginning from the academic sessions of 2024-25 and 2025-26, respectively.


Need for the Implementation of the Semester System for Higher Secondary Education in West Bengal


The implementation of the Semester System in Higher Secondary Education in West Bengal marks a significant shift in the assessment structure for students. Under this new system, Class 11 students will now face two distinct examinations. One will be conducted in  November and another in March. The November examination will primarily consist of multiple-choice questions. The March examination will be about descriptive answers.

This departure from the traditional annual examination model reflects a broader effort. It is to promote a more balanced and comprehensive approach to education. The prevalent exam-driven culture often prioritizes rote memorization over deep understanding and critical thinking skills. By introducing two exams per year, the Semester System aims to mitigate the pressure associated with high-stakes, end-of-year assessments. This fosters a more conducive learning environment for students.

However, it’s important to understand that the transition to a semester system does not address all the challenges within our education system. The introduction of multiple assessments throughout the year may discourage excessive focus on exams. But it also remains crucial for educators and policymakers to continue promoting holistic learning experiences. This will prioritize skill development, critical thinking, and creativity.

Ultimately, the Semester System represents a step towards reforming our education system. It has been planned to better align with the evolving needs of students and society. We can empower students by encouraging a more balanced approach to assessment and learning. This can cultivate a deeper understanding of their subjects. They can develop the skills necessary for success in the modern world.

Benefits of the Semester System

Prodigy Educlasses being the Bengal best coaching centre, believes in this system. They desire to utilize this among their students who come for coaching classes, as Prodigy Educlasses is Bengal best jee coaching centre. Prodigy Educlasses believes that students will get the following benefits:-

Holistic Assessment

By assessing students’ progress at regular intervals, the semester system provides a more holistic view of their academic abilities and skills. This approach reduces the pressure associated with end-of-year exams and encourages a deeper engagement with the curriculum. This enables Prodigy Educlasses to focus more on Neet and Jee exams as it is Bengal top coaching centre. 

●     Preparation for Higher Secondary

The semester system prepares students for higher education by introducing them to the university-level academic environment. By encouraging independent learning and research skills, students are equipped with the necessary tools to succeed in their future endeavors. Prodigy Educlasses, the Bengal coaching centre for a variety of coaching classes, prepares students to be ready for the semesters, NEET 2024 counselling process, and JEE 2024 counseling process.

●     Adaptability to Changing Trends

In an era of rapid technological advancement and globalization, the semester system ensures that the curriculum remains dynamic and adaptable to changing industry trends and requirements. Students are better prepared to meet the demands of the 21st-century workforce. Prodigy Educlasses keeps in mind to train students with the right type of knowledge and expertise to deal with this semester system.

●     Enhanced Student Engagement

The semester system promotes active learning and student engagement through interactive teaching methods. By encouraging collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking, students develop a deeper appreciation for the subjects they study and are more motivated to excel academically. This will help Prodigy Educlasses to shape their students for the semesters, the board exams in Class 12 along with JEE and NEET exams and counselling processes.


To make the most of this new system, students are encouraged to actively participate in class discussions, seek feedback from teachers, and take ownership of their learning journey. If you are looking for proper guidance in West Bengal, Prodigy Educlasses is here to guide you through this transitioning phase. This bengal coaching centre for 10+2 classes and JEE and NEET prepares students to appear fearlessly in school and competitive exams.

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The introduction of the semester system for Higher Secondary Education in West Bengal heralds a positive step towards modernizing the education system and preparing students for success in the 21st century. Following its footsteps, Prodigy Educlasses is all prepared to embrace this new change along with guiding students.

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